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Natural Energy Bengola
Natural Energy Bengola

Bengola, The Renewable Energies Park

Bengola is an ideal spot to enjoy some leisure time, whether individually, with friends, or as a family. The park contains the following features:

  • - The first two windmills in what is now the Basque Autonomous Community.
  • - A bridge made of COR-TEN weathering steel designed by a local sculptor called Ube. It is 12 metres long, 4 metres wide and 3.7 metres high.
  • - A sundial, located beside the interpretation panels.
  • - The Zen garden.
  • - A stage, also made of COR-TEN steel, with texts by several poets and singers.
  • - A garden-allotment.
  • - All these points are joined by a paved path that bears the name of the towns and villages that make up the District Council of Lea Ibarra.
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